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Pah and pah again, even now, days and days after the story broke, last.fm only has 55 people logged as fans of Sandi Thom http://www.last.fm/music/Sandi+Thom. Compared to 132 listeners for 'The Plimptons' http://www.last.fm/music/The+Plimptons, , 900 for the Fratellis http://www.last.fm/music/The+Fratellis, and 55,000 for 'Hawthorne Heights' http://www.last.fm/music/Hawthorne+Heights.

The story has only gotten publicity for the 'Sandi Thom story' itself, not for Sandi Thom or her music. If 70,000 people tuned into the webcasts, if there were genuinely fans out there there would be bootleg tracks floating about the internet, and some people on last FM would have heard them.


well, it's not likely that much traffic actually went to the site since no one realy knew about it until after the 21 days were over. it costs a lot and I mean a lot of money to have that kind of traffic come to a live webcast. so, playing in your basement to that many people may cost more than sandi will ever make in her career.


Sandi Thom is original and someone to keep an eye on. Very talented and determined to make an impression on the music and media scene.

Juggery Nuts

"When accountants didn't have control, and the media didn't control your soul."

Is she taking the piss?

"I wish I was a punk rocker, with flowers in my hair"? I think her grasp of history is slightly confused - no punks I knew would be seen dead with flowers in their hair! It's a little difficult to keep a flower in a mohican.
This song is trash. Rubbish. Forgettable. Laughable.

She isn't a particularly good singer either. Sorry.

Sandi Thom is just another hyped up load of cobblers, just like Corinne Bailey Hype. Sorry - Rae.

Juggery Nutts

Unfortunately, the millions of idiots that are 'the public' will buy this 'product', just like they bought Corinne Bailey Rae, Gavin DeGraw, Jack Johnson, Arctic Wankers, etc.etc
Most people don't even actually LIKE music, they can't hear music properly, can't write good songs, can't remember more than a handful of tunes, and pretend to like music because they see everybody else doing it. Rather like people pretend to 'like' the taste of alcoholic drinks, when we all know they taste like piss.
This is just another brand of alcoholic's piss.

When is somebody going to take notice of Hunz Hellven? Listen to Sarah's Song, or Ocean's From Rain...

Juggery Nutts

Read this discussion - I bet Ms.Thom's PR company wish the internet didn't exist!


I am sick to death of crap artists like this getting airplay. They don't deserve it. If I hear one more 30 something cretin tell me they like James Blunt, I will scream! (They always act as if they're 'hip' and 'with it', and ever so 'rebellious' for liking a completely manufactured, talentless, can't-sing-to-save-his-life, can't-write-his-own-songs, nobody.

I must correct the lyrics I wrote above (listening to that awful vibrato made it difficult for me to concentrate...)
"When accountants didn't have control, and the media couldn't buy your soul."

She can't sing very well at all. I can sing better than her! Without trying! Without a recording contract, and without having to lie about playing to 70,000 people from a basement.
And Hunz can sing a hundred times better... Just listen to Draw the Line...

Juggery Nutts


What sort of a comment system is this? Can't handle more than thirty character URLs?

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