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Sony/BMG is dead.

Apple and Microsoft really want them to die. And all Apple has to do is whisper the real number of tracks download.

The big label schmos still think like it's the 80's and 90's, they are the only one who knows the number, they are the only one who control the technology, etc.

They have no idea what hit them. Company like Apple and Microsoft battle intelectual property lawsuits all the time, they know all the dirty tricks. And we are not talking about suing 12 years old to scare the public via mass media. We are talking about statistics and technology secrets.

I hope the big labels die a miserable and boring death (like RCA, Columbia, etc). The sooner the better.


More wishful thinking.

Major labels aren't going to die. They may end up paying more royalties on digital downloads, but they're certainly not going to die.

Rob Falk

Hey! Wait? You mean there's no packaging on them download thingies?

It's about time someone woke up and yelled about this.

How many acts are still stuck taking reduced royalties on the experimental CD format, and higher deductions because of the CD's more expensive manufacturing process?

I wonder what the return rate is on ringtones?

And what percent of gross is the interest free hold back for breakage and returns?

I'm sure that replacing those broken ring tones has got to be killing the labels. They'll need better more expensive packaging to combat that.


Major labels aren't going to die. They may end up paying more royalties on digital downloads, but they're certainly not going to die.

Posted by: Glenn | Friday, April 28, 2006 at 10:52 AM

The big labels will die.

RCA, Columbia are all radio/gramaphone era gigantic thought to be invincible that couldn't make it during CD transition. BMG, Sony are the obvious one who can't make it in digital era.

1. They don't have the technology to compete
2. people don't like them
3. They pick wrong enemies (Microsoft, Apple)
4. Their upper management is incredibally thick.
5. more importantly, they don't have the next generation artist. They are too busy doing 'Prince' rehash or American idol. Lucrative at the moment yes, but nobody else care.

6. and ... I won't even mention hilarious business tactic similar to shooting themselve in the foot for short term profit.

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