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Warners Grants Creative Commons Open License For Fort Minor

I followed a mention on BoingBoing that led to ccMixter where label Machine Shop/Warner Brothers Fortminortherisingtiedhas issued a Creative Commons license (think open for non-commercial use) that allows visitors to manipulate and remix the track. Fort Minor and Linken Park vocalist/guitarist Mike Shinoda will choose a winning remix.

To say that it's unusual for a major label to give away a full track, not to mention making it available for open re-mix, is an understatement.  This is particularly true since, given the Linken Park connection, this is not a band that WB should be begging to get heard.  Apparently one of those behind this smart move is Ethan Kaplan, tech guru at Warner Brothers and publisher of both BlackRimGlasses and the REM related site Murmurs.  Kudos to Kaplan and company for this creative and forward-thinking (not to mention pretty damn cost effective) promotion!